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We are seeing the international shuffle community grow right before our eyes. New groups are currently being formed everywhere and it is amazing to be part of it all. This is history in the making and a reminder of how influential shuffling is in our lives. I’m grateful for the power of this dance and how it’s bringing people together and changing the world in the process. I’ll be in Boston, MA doing my part and spreading the shuffle love.

Isabella Henao

Around the world the Shuffle has evolved, it has gone from being just a hobby to being a lifestyle, many more people have joined the movement. It is very beautiful to be able to witness the growth of this style, to see how each person begins and contributes new knowledge and platforms to share our talent; WSC has brought together a great community, and has given life to many others. No matter where you are in the world, the shuffle will always bring us together.

D Onlin

I want to say to WSC:I respect everyone who is desperate to promote shuffling dance and hope you can keep doing it.

I wish WSC grow and became bigger and bigger!


It s really an awesome page trying to connect all the shufflers and shapers worldwide 💙 It's incredible how much effort they put to share all kind of dancers every day, not only the famous ones 🙂 I love how they give space to everyone, encourage all of us, even organize battles for all the continents!


I'm very proud to have been part of the WSC tournament as a jury, it has been a very enriching and fun experience. It is very motivating to see this kind of movement in the community, to be a participant in how the community advances thanks to contributions as great as these. Honestly, one of the best cultural, national and international movements that I have seen so far. Keep up with all of this, I wish you all the best and great dance experience.


Esta pagina me a demostrado muchas cosas, como ser responsable con los eventos que se hace, una pagina que ayuda mucho a todos los bailarines mas aescondidos espero que sigan asi dandolo todo , les deseo mucho exito en todo, y como habia dicho orgullosos de esta pagina gracias por todo WSC

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